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Long Distance Moves

Moving long distance requires proper planning because such moves can be a great undertaking. However, long distance moves do not have to be overwhelming or difficult. Proper planning for long distance moves includes shopping around for the best price (accomplished by getting quotes from multiple sources), doing thorough research on the potential long distance moving companies and by making sure to get references. By following these steps, moving long distances becomes less of a hassle and thorough planning helps to lessen any chance of something going wrong.

Shop Around for the Best Prices

Shopping around for top long distance moving companies can not only help to find the best price for a move, but the process also helps to locate new interstate movers that may get overlooked. While national long distance movers-the large ones that have large advertising contracts and appear on television-are obvious choices for long distance moves, local companies may also provide long distances moves at more competitive pricing. Furthermore, since smaller out of state movers do not have the advertising budget of their larger counterparts, shopping around is the easiest way to learn about them.

After providing companies with the details and/or requirements of the long distance move, the companies will provide an estimate-typically right away-of the cost of the move. If the information is only provided over the internet (or phone) there is no way a company can give a final cost of any move; therefore, the customer should be prepared for further charges upon delivery. Delays and inaccurate or incomplete information are just two of the situations that can result in further costs. To ensure an accurate estimate of cost, customers should inquire about an in-home consultation to assess the contents of the home.

Research All of Your Options

While MOVING360 only works with reputable local and cross country moving companies, it is still important for our customers to do their own research to ensure that they are making the best decision. By doing research, our customers make sure they are getting the best price possible and the out of state movers they choose really are providing them with everything they require for their move.

Check References

After compiling all of the moving quotes and information on the long distance moving companies, the customer must then narrow down their choices. Typically, people narrow their choices down to two or three long distance movers. After narrowing down the choices, customers should make sure to ask these companies for references in order to make their final choice. In addition to asking for references, customers should also think of and ask questions specific to their move. Some common questions are:

  • Is your company licensed and insured?
  • What is your procedure if something is lost or damaged during the move?
  • Is it OK to leave my clothes in my dresser drawers?

Getting ready for a move can take time because of all that goes into the planning; however, MOVING360 can help you make things go smoothly. For a free long distance moving quote, call to speak with a customer service representative at 888-327-2734.